Plate of Eight Health

Jenny Nguyen

”Plate of Eight, create your fate”. Save thousands of dollars and time on unnecessary lifestyle illness and visits to the doctors. Plate of Eight Health podcast help empower women to make simple lifestyle choices in hope to transform their health without relying all on medication. Some topics cover includes lifestyle choices, weight loss, food literacy, our relationship with food, stress management and eating, food that affects mood, self-care, etc. Hosted by Jenny Nguyen. She is a Registered Nurse and Nutrition Health Coach, PN1-NC. Over 15 years of nursing helped her realized the controllable lifestyle factors affecting a person’s health. In order to enhance the quality of life, we have to think of food and health differently. Breaking some of the false beliefs we have about our thoughts, habits, and wellbeing. She understands the frustration of chronic illness and its impact on the family as a whole. Having went through some challenging health scare herself, Jenny adjusted her lifestyle habits and turn the course of her health around. She knew that without the energy to be productive, women are struggling to take care of themselves, their children, and contribute to their community. Being healthy will allow women to live the life they were meant to and impact others for the better. For more resource, refer to read less
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