Real Life Work Podcast with Kevin McManus

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What is the 'Real Life Work' podcast? The "Real Life Work with Kevin McManus" podcast is a forum for sharing best practices that lead to better workplaces, communities, and souls. Each week, this podcast connects you with 'real work' leaders who continue to sustain success in the world of work system performance design, diagnosis, and improvement. How does the live podcast work? The live podcast takes place most Friday mornings at 6am Pacific time. All episodes are captured for on-demand listening. They can be found at the common podcast distribution sites. If you want to be part of the live show, you are welcome. Simply message Kevin at least 24 hours prior to the start of the next podcast, and he will send you a log-on code. You will soon be able to view the podcast live on the Great Systems YouTube channel. Who hosts the 'Real Life Work' podcast? Kevin McManus, a 20-year US National Baldrige Examiner and 40-year workplace warrior, hosts the podcast. Kevin’s primary goal is to help people move closer to achieving their personal potential each day. Would you like more information on my 'Real Life Work' podcast? Would you like more information on my work systems improvement podcast? If so, please contact me via one of the connection paths below. Also, please take the time to check out the Great Systems website. Keep improving! Kevin McManus, Chief Excellence Officer, Great Systems WATCH over 50 kaizen and workplace health improvement videos on my Great Systems YouTube channel. LISTEN to my ‘Real Life Work’ podcast. It’s your source for proven kaizen, healthy workplace, and operational excellence best practices! CONNECT with me on LinkedIn LIKE Great Systems on Facebook CHECK OUT my ‘Teach Your Teams’ workbooks on FOLLOW me on Twitter: @greatsystems © Copyright 2024, Great Systems LLC, All Rights Reserved read less