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12. Insight into Entrepreneurship, with Albert Kozlowski
12. Insight into Entrepreneurship, with Albert Kozlowski
Spinning out a side-project or laying the foundations of your start-up seem tempting, but with so much biased advice out there it can be hard to understand the reality of the road ahead.  Enter Albert Kozlowski (@albertkoz on twitter), who's been kind enough to both give you and I an unvarnished and honest look into start-up life. Albert is working on his second start-up - Birdslate (https://birdslate.com/) - which is an Asynchronous Video Platform for remote teams that's going to revolutionize how teams communicate. In this episode we discuss: - Going beyond a product and creating a brand/narrative. - The benefits of finding other Founders to join you. - The reality of Building in Public. - Side Project vs Start-up - The benefits of a support network and looking after your Mental Health. - and finally Albert gives some excellent advice that you won't hear anywhere else. Don't miss out! ---------- Show Notes available here: https://www.speakingsoftwareshow.com/episodes/12-insight-into-entrepreneurship-with-albert-kozlowski ---------- Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already! A Rating, Like, Comment or Share will go a long way towards keeping this going and allowing me to bring new content to you. I also offer mock-interviews and soft-skill interview prep – drop me a line via speakingsoftwareshow@gmail.com and we’ll get your sorted! I’d love to discuss your situation and how we can get you into a place of confidence and success. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/speakingsoftware/message