9. Interview with Danny Thompson - Looking back on your journey


02-11-2020 • 35 mins

High energy conversation with an upcoming titan in the Tech industry!

I recently interviewed Danny Thompson with a view to reflect upon his meteoric rise through in the world of Software Development. Check out this episode for pearls of wisdom from 2 voices of experience in the industry, as well as some VIGOROUS motivation for those of you who want to start, or have just started, on your Programming Journey!

Danny is *the* poster-child for changing your life by learning tech.
A few years ago he was frying chicken in a Gas Station, and now he's been invited to speak at Microsoft Events, as well as running Bootcamps, mentoring, multiple podcast & speaking engagements, etc... - all while holding down a steady programming job!

Regardless of your age, location, experience or education level - there is a seat for you at the technology table!
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