S3E1 - Your Dream Developer Job


29-01-2023 • 6 mins

Bit of an unexpected hiatus, but we're back with a bang! What's the bang? It's a book that I wrote, called "Your Dream Developer Job".

Today I'd like to talk about my first internationally published book. It's about everything you need to position yourself as the ideal candidate for your perfect role in the tech industry. It is now available worldwide; in Paperback, Kindle and DRM-Free eBook formats.

You’ll find it on the show’s website https://www.speakingsoftwareshow.com/yourdreamdeveloperjob, or you can search for it on your local variant of Amazon, like here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BSDTVNK8

Show notes and script available here: https://www.speakingsoftwareshow.com/episodes/s3e1-your-dream-developer-job

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