11. The 5 W’s about Asking Questions in Interviews


22-02-2021 • 15 mins

We all know prepping for an Interviewer’s questions is they key to a good interview.
Do you know what makes for a GREAT interview though? You firing back with some questions of your own!

In this episode, we talk about the who, what, when, where and why, of asking questions during an Interview.
I’ll touch upon my 5 top-tips about asking questions so you can show that you are THE PERFECT CANDIDATE for the job!

I'll also talk about some very important reasons why you should be asking questions to your interviewer, and how it can benefit you.
Don't miss out!

Show Notes and full text script available here: https://www.speakingsoftwareshow.com/episodes/11-the-5ws-about-asking-questions-during-interviews


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