EP 181: Chef Andrew Garrett's Take on Natural Living and Foraging

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14-12-2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

Chef Andrew, a firm believer in the power of local ingredients, gives us a riveting account of his life journey—from his roots on a fruit farm to his experiences with modern city living and his enriching experiences with hunting and foraging.

This is not just about food; it's a deep dive into how these experiences have shaped his philosophy of cooking. Of course, we also delve into the serious side of things— the effects of industrial farming on our health, athletic performance, and the planet.

Chef Andrew shares invaluable insights into how clean and organic food can enhance performance and recovery, and how sustainable farming practices can lead to a healthier and more vibrant life.

But it's not all about food. We also explore the importance of disconnecting from technology and immersing ourselves in the natural world. We encourage you to take a refreshing outdoor walk, appreciate the rustling leaves and feel the cool breeze against your skin.

This episode is a profound exploration of our relationship with food, nature, and ourselves. We wrap up with a discussion of guided foraging trips and cooking courses with Chef Andrew, a unique opportunity to deepen your connection to the food you eat. Embark on this journey of self-discovery, health awareness, and the joys of foraging and wild game cooking.  Enjoy!

Andrew Garrett is a published and award-winning chef who has a passion for food and life thanks to countless adventures and travel around the globe. Having grown up in Sonoma, California, Andrew quickly developed an appreciation for all things local. While serving for the U.S. Army in Germany, he was able to spend many weekends traveling to France and Tuscany, where he felt right at home enjoying local delicacies, such as wine and cheese and in his leisure, foraging and taking up butchery. Andrew is enamored with French and Italian culture and cuisine and its regional diversity. His passion for ingredients is quintessential in bringing his patrons the best possible recipes and sauces. Andrew is excited to share his sense of adventure and thirst for knowledge and inspire anyone with a passion for great food.

Connect with Andrew here:
Instagram:  @chef_garrett

Website: www.chefandrewgarrett.com

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