19. Conscious Transformation and Manifestation with Olivia Thompson

Our Wildest Dreams by Brittany Pollard

23-04-2020 • 51 mins

On today’s episode I speak with my good friend Olivia Thompson, who is the plug for intuitive readings, understanding the zodiac sign, tarot pulls for the collective and more. Her intuition is on point! She and I talked about some of my favorite subjects, manifestation, how to work with the energy of the new and full moons, how to start your healing journey, and how to begin to become a more conscious individual! This episode is loaded with realness, information, and laughs which is always my type of show! Enjoy!

About Olivia Thompson

Over the years, I’ve learned that circumstances don’t determine who you are or who you can become. As a child raised in a single parent household, energy healer,and self-love enthusiast, I have definitely learned not to limit, label, or minimize myself. In my ongoing life’s journey, I have learned to be open minded when approaching my relationships, future successes, spirituality, and growing with every step. I enjoy helping people feel beautiful and connected to their higher self, by sharing and growing with them through my experiences, both ongoing and passed.

Inside this episode, Olivia talks about:

  • How to start a journey of conscious healing and transformation.
  • The importance of slowing down and paying attention to our thoughts and behaviors.
  • How The Law of Attraction works in our favor or against us.
  • What we need to do in order to manifest what we want and desire.
  • How to work with the energy of new and full moons.

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