12. Becoming the leader of your own life

Our Wildest Dreams by Brittany Pollard

09-01-2020 • 27 mins

In this episode I speak about the energy of the year in terms of Tarot and what the first full moon of 2020 is asking us to do. This year is all about Emperor energy, meaning it’s time to step into our power and own our voices and spaces. It’s a great time to start projects because there’s a lot of opportunity for abundance and prosperity, but to have all of that we must get organized and make space for that goodness to come into our lives. The first full moon is in Cancer this year, and it’s asking us to really tap into what is filling us and draining us emotionally and energetically. It’s time to put yourself and your wellbeing first so that you can bring forth the creative, magic ideas you have on your heart. Inside this episode, I speak about: The energy of 2020 as The Emperor. Reclaiming agency of your power, authority, and leadership. Creating structure and organization in your life for things to go smoothly. The first full moon of 2020 is calling us to nurture ourselves and our emotions. Finding ways to release repressed emotions for mental and physical health. Taking time to tap into your body to listen to what it needs. Creating a list to really see what fills you up emotionally and energetically vs what depletes you. There’s a few spots left for Dare II Dream. Join host Brittany Pollard on Instagram to keep the conversation going! The Everyday Intentions podcast removes the overwhelm of change and highlights how to navigate the “in between” moments of our current reality vs. our dreams through storytelling, humor, and present day life situations. Each week consists of stories, told by real people, in the midst of transforming their lives through small, daily intentions. Whether it’s making a huge change for the tenth time or choosing to believe in ourselves for the first time, our intentions make all the difference. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes so you don’t miss an episode!

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