Ep. 063 | From Irritation to Recovery: A Complete Guide to Conquering Shin Splints (MTSS) | Tom Goom

Physiotutors Podcast

06-04-2024 • 47 mins

In this episode of the Physiotutors podcast, Tom Goom, also known as the Running Physio, provides valuable insights into medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) and its management. He discusses the pathophysiology of MTSS, Risk factors, and emphasizes the importance of gradual training progression and proper footwear selection to prevent MTSS. Tom also shares his approach to assessing and treating MTSS, focusing on finding a pain-free level of loading, incorporating strength training, and carefully guiding patients through a structured return to running program.

It's a value-packed episode so tune in to master your approach to treating shin splints.

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00:00 Intro

01:06 What is MTSS?

02:19 Risk Factors

03:34 Typical Patient

04:20 Specific Training Errors

05:40 Influence of Footwear

06:58 Forefoot Running

08:40 Red Flag Diagnoses

12:08 MTSS DIagnosis

13:06 Assessing the Patient

15:45 Muscle Testing

17:18 Sponsored Segment

18:55 Other Strength Parameters

21:05 Running Analysis/Technique

26:15 Treatment

29:29 Strengthening Exercises

31:58 What about Tibialis Anterior?

33:12 How to manage a flare-up?

35:25 Return to running

38:02 Different Mx for Different Sports

40:20 Duration of MTSS

41:35 Adjunct Treatments

43:30 Can MTSS become a Fracture?

44:25 Tom's closing remarks

46:25 Outro

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