My marriage was the test of strength with Jetaime Mann

Life Her Podcast

15-07-2020 • 0 seconds

Jetaime Mann-Athanase NY native single mom on three children. Two boys and one girl, my was heart in human form.  I was married for 10 years, but separated for 6 of the 10 years. I married young straight out of college and got pregnant immediately. My marriage was the test of strength, endurance, patience, faith, and self love. I experienced physical abuse, emotional, as well as mental. Learning that I was being used for papers (citizenship) and almost losing my son while pregnant, due to physical abuse was the last straw for me. After leaving the relationship it took years (about 3) for me to find myself again. I had to rebuild my relationship with God, my family, as well as myself.  Doing all of this while being a single mother of two boys at the time, wasn’t easy but also wasn’t optional.

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