2317: Success Tips from World Class Trainers

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

18-04-2024 • 1 hr 55 mins

  • Why they started the Fitness Business Mentorship. (1:26)

  • How did they meet? (3:22)

  • Getting close through the shared suffering of training Gary Vaynerchuk. (5:39)

  • The inspiration behind how their podcast was born. (22:03)

  • The needs they wanted to fill in the fitness space. (26:02)

  • Do you want to be a coach or a CEO? (33:14)

  • Online vs. in-person coach. (34:38)

  • The characteristics of coaches who have built a good/sustainable career. (39:07)

  • How social media can feed your insecurities and narcissism. (46:35)

  • Are we getting better or worse as a society due to access to information? (48:39)

  • Be great at one. (52:45)

  • Realistic expectations for new coaches or trainers starting their business. (54:50)

  • Explaining the process of the Fitness Business Mentorship. (1:00:30)

  • How GLP-1 agonist peptides, like Semaglutide and Tirzepetide, will impact the fitness & health space. (1:07:39)

  • The value of having a mentor who has been there and done it. (1:30:05)

  • Creating impact. (1:31:44)

  • What would they do differently if starting over? (1:34:35)

  • The keys to building a tight community? (1:42:50)

  • The advantage of time. (1:48:14)

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