Carissa Stepien - The Single Mom Boss Tribe

Blasian Wellness Podcast

12-05-2021 • 24 mins

Carissa Stepien is a certified elementary and special ed teacher. Since losing her teaching job this past June, she decided to stay home and help her daughter learn and run a few Facebook groups to help other moms. Carissa's goal is to collaborate and help other mothers by offering tips and strategies for better personal health organization and wellness.

She has been a runner since 8th grade and went on to run for a D3 college and have since run in several marathons and half marathons including qualifying for Boston in her first race ever!

Since having her daughter 5 years ago, she took up Beachbody so she could also work out at home (lifting). Carissa has always loved the

way exercise makes her feel and hardly ever misses a day.  Carissa states, "If you want to be healthy, you have to make it a routine in your daily life."

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