4. Breaking the stigma of therapy with Terrence Stewart, MSW

Our Wildest Dreams by Brittany Pollard

10-06-2019 • 43 mins

I am so excited for you to hear today’s conversation with guest, Terrence Stewart, MSW. I’ve known Terrence since high school and I wanted to bring him on the show to speak about Black mental health and the importance of self care for Black men. On this episode, we speak about the stigma of seeking help and therapy in the Black community, how to incorporate self care into your schedule, and the importance of having mentorship and a support system.

About Terrence Stewart, MSW

Terrence Stewart is a Los Angeles, Ca based Associate Clinical Social Worker. He has a background in psychotherapy and psychiatric social work and he is also the owner of T Raw Naturals, a natural product line that promotes health and wellness. Terrence’s most important value is helping and inspiring others to flourish into their full potential. His mission as a social worker is to utilize his skills to break the stigma around mental health in the Black community by normalizing mental health treatment.

Inside this episode, Terrence shares:

  • Mental and emotional triggers Black men experience
  • Coping mechanisms and addiction are apart of our healing process
  • Breaking the stigma of therapy in the Black community
  • How to create your own self care practice
  • Finding communities and mentorship to boost personal growth

You can find out more about Terrence at:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Links Mentioned:

100 Black Men

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