365: How To Hire A Salesperson For Your Roofing Business

The Roofer Show

02-02-2024 • 32 mins

Whether you are looking to hire your very first salesperson or your fifth or sixth, it’s a move that greatly impacts the success of your roofing business. Don’t you want your next hiring move to be a profitable step forward in your business? Today’s episode is a conversation between Dave and John DeLaurier of the newly branded Peach State Roofing, and you can listen in and learn from their mistakes, tips, and experiences. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How to get very clear about the role you are hiring for
  • John’s process of posting his hiring ad for a salesperson using tools like ChatGPT and Facebook
  • The pros and cons of hiring from inside or outside the roofing industry
  • Why knowing your numbers is essential before discussing pay with a potential salesperson
  • Why John aims for a maximum 45% close rate at Peach State Roofing to be as profitable as possible and keep his promises to his crew, staff, and customers
  • Why it is essential to set realistic earning expectations for every new hire
  • Dave’s tips on how to sell: determine the problem by asking open-ended questions, provide the solution, and close the deal


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