356: Why Roofing Contractors Should Join Limitless GPO Group with Dylan McCabe

The Roofer Show

01-12-2023 • 49 mins

What is a GPO? Even in the roofing industry, the concept of a GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) is new and not widely understood. Let’s learn more about the Limitless GPO Group in today’s show!

Limitless Roofing Group was founded in 2022 by 25-year roofing industry veteran, Miller Weedn, and 20-year organizational leadership and training veteran, Dylan McCabe. Dylan joins Dave and John for today’s episode about the benefits roofing contractors can find by joining the Limitless Roofing GPO. Limitless GPO currently has 44 members (and counting) and operates in all 50 states with a passion for bringing roofing business owners together to maximize their profitability.

Before our interview with Dylan, John DeLaurier unveils the result of his long-awaited rebranding of DeLaurier Roofing to Peach State Roofing, including the steps he’s taken and what the future next steps are in the process.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why a common challenge among roofing business owners is how to find and retain top sales talent

  • Why, as a roofing business owner, you need to hire the right WHO

  • Why groups like a Mastermind or a GPO are beneficial in helping contractors learn from each other and find accountability and partnership

  • The common problems Dylan finds with a GPO: marketing (because almost no one knows what a GPO is or what it does) and landing deals

  • How membership in a GPO works—and how you can join now for FREE!