Becoming a single parent and experiencing domestic violence with Melody Gross

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24-06-2020 • 0 seconds

Melody Gross is an Advocate, Blogger, Speaker and Coach.

There have been two moments in my life that have changed me. Becoming a single parent and experiencing domestic violence.

Both of which I never expected. Life is funny that way.

I find the humor in parenting a child who has the personality of a natural comedian.

I find purpose in removing the stigma of intimate partner violence.

I find passion in both.

I’ve developed presentations and workshops in both areas that result in its participants feeling informed and empowered. My events are for mothers working to get free from the burdens and expectations placed by themselves and others and survivors who want to gain a new sense of normalcy after abuse.

Domestic Violence x Motherhood

Helping survivors thrive. Getting companies to care.

Instagram: @iammelodyco

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