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Hosted by Tara Todd, Phonetic Energy Healer, “faith inspired action: the podcast” is for the individual who’s ready to own their evolution! Utilizing the principles of Energetics, wisdom of the Divine, and practical strategies, Tara helps people remember who they are, so they can step into their power to curate the life of their desires. Diving deep into topics around mindset, metaphysics, faith, personal development and expansion, this podcast is imperative for anyone wanting to shift the trajectory of their life, release what no longer serves, and create some pure unadulterated miracles and magic! read less
FIA Ep.9: Clover Ford on Pain to Purpose
FIA Ep.9: Clover Ford on Pain to Purpose
Hello Luminous Souls! I couldn't be more excited to share this episode with you!! My dear sweet friend Clover Ford is here to share her journey with Colorism and talk about what she co-created with the Divine which allowed her to alchemize a nasty wound into an incredible opportunity!! Colorism is the preference for a lighter skinned person over a darker skinned person and it's quite prevalent in minority communities, including African American, Latino and East Indian. It's obviously another learned discriminatory belief that originated in colonialism and slavery, but has seeped it's way through generations and is disgustingly still prevalent today. Thankfully Clover didn't let it stop her, as she follows the calling of her soul, marches to the beat of her own drum and continues to lead and promote healing conversations regarding Colorism. CATCH THE FULL CONVERSATION!! APPLE PODCAST: SPOTIFY PODCAST: CONNECT WITH CLOVER HERE: TO DONATE OR SPONSOR THE NEXT SEASON OF HOPELESS ROMANTIC: Please subscribe and leave a comment or review! Plus share me with your friends! You know I'm always looking for amazing things to discuss so your topic recommendations, personal story or others you'd like me to interview are ALL welcome!! FOLLOW ME AND REVIEW CURRENT OFFERINGS HERE!