Do you know about Bees? 🐝

Sleep Tight Science - A Bedtime Science Show For Kids

15-05-2024 • 21 mins

In this episode, we will learn a bit about bees. We will examine why bees are necessary, their challenges, how they are adapted to collecting pollen, and learn about pollination. We will look at how bees live together in one hive and their roles. And finally, we will understand how honey is made. We also answer some questions from Ellery, who wants to know why hippos open their mouths so wide, and Suraya, who wants to understand how leaves change colour.

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About Sleep Tight Science

We’ve got bedtime down to a (Sleep Tight) Science! Sleep Tight Science is an engaging bedtime show that makes science accessible and enjoyable for the whole family. Snuggle in and drift off to sleep while learning about science topics submitted by listeners! Designed for curious young minds (but simple enough for grown-ups to understand), Sleep Tight Science uses big words to answer big questions that kids wonder about, like why do we feel icky sometimes and how do our legs help us move? Learn something new about the natural world while drifting off to dreamland. Have an interesting science question or a topic you’re curious about? Email us at, and it might just be the focus of an upcoming episode!

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