Silly Stories for Kids

Samuel Ramsden

So glad you have found us!

Welcome to Silly Stories for Kids – a podcast of wild adventures, made up on the spot and recorded so you and your family can join in the fun that goes on inside Sam’s brain. You could even be in a Silly Story by registering your family over on our website

We love kids and we love family. Our hope is that this podcast will be used in so many creative and amazing ways to bring joy to kids, expand imaginations and bring families together through laughter and crazy fun.

Whether you choose to listen together at home, add some fun to your car trips or take a moment to yourself while your kids listen, you can relax knowing they are enjoying some safe (but still crazy) screen free fun.

So, do you know what’s going to happen in today’s story? Neither do we!
There’s only one way to find out…

Okay let’s go!

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