Do you know about ghosts? 👻

Sleep Tight Science - A Bedtime Science Show For Kids

18-10-2023 • 26 mins

In this episode, we discover why you might have thought you saw a ghost. We found out that many cultures, even if they are far apart, have tales about ghosts or spirits. We looked at ghosts from a science perspective and learned that sometimes our eyes and brains play tricks on us, like seeing things that aren't really there. We also talked about how you could design an experiment to find out if the ghost your friend saw was real. Plus, we dived into the magical world of rainbows, the buzz of mosquitoes, and the mysteries of our noses. Did you know mosquitoes really like Type O blood and are drawn to carbon dioxide and sweat?

Sleep Tight!, Sheryl & Clark



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About Sleep Tight Science

Sleep Tight Science is an engaging (but not too engaging) bedtime show for the whole family that answers the questions kids have about science. Each episode explores a fascinating topic in science and technology, from the mysteries of outer space to the wonders of the human body. Sleep Tight Science is the perfect bedtime companion for curious minds of all ages. Have an interesting science topic you would like featured? Send us an email at and we may feature it in an upcoming show.

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