Learning To Find Your Tribe with Mitchell Halliday

Learning As I Go

31-01-2024 • 53 mins

“I need to stop doing this because I’m absolutely ruining myself”

Imagine earning hundreds of thousands at 19 and touring the world before you hit 20. That’s the life of make-up megastar Mitchell Halliday. At just 25, Mitchell has turned his love for makeup into a multimillion-pound global empire, Made by Mitchell.

However, Mitchell tells Scott how it hasn’t always been plain sailing, and how constant spending sprees almost took him to the point of ruin. Mitchell credits his team with helping him turn around his mindset to money.

You’ll hear how a young lad from Bolton conquered the world of beauty to create TikTok's number-one-selling brand, and how for Mitchell success isn't just about the numbers.

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