Learning To Be Fearless with Carl Fogarty MBE

Learning As I Go

21-06-2023 • 56 mins

“I was obsessed with winning”

Superbike world champion Carl Fogarty shares with Scott how he used his fearlessness to become one of the most successful riders of all time. Carl discusses where his winning mentality came from, and the only thing he was ever scared of was losing.

Scott also hears how close to death Carl came by taking part in one of the most dangerous sports in the world and the impact that’s had on him and his family.

Carl describes what life is like now that he’s retired, and has become “the world’s fastest Granddad.”

Season 3 of Learning As I Go is supported by British Triathlon. Throughout this series, you’ll hear updates from Scott as he trains for his first triathlon in July. You can join Scott at the Sunderland triathlon by clicking here and using the code LEARNING25 at checkout for 25 pounds off.

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