Learning To Feel The Fear With Coleen Nolan

Learning As I Go

21-02-2024 • 57 mins

"We sold 30 million records and yet we didn't get any money"

Coleen Nolan was a performer from the age of two but has had anything but an easy journey. Coleen tells Scott how The Nolan Sisters went from singing in working men's clubs in Blackpool to getting escorted by the army in Japan; and how the payoff wasn’t what any of them expected.

Coleen opens up about the challenges that she’s faced along the way, and how it wasn’t until her mid-fifties that she was able to feel in control of her own life.

You’ll hear the effect cancer has had on Coleen's family, how the people around Coleen help her remain grounded, and the surprising thing that she looks forward to coming home to.

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