142. The #1 Mindset Holding You Back in Life

Financial Feminist

29-02-2024 • 31 mins

Have you ever wanted to do something — overhaul your health, change your body, start a new career, reach a financial goal — and become utterly overwhelmed just thinking about all the things you’d have to do to achieve it? You’re not the only one. For many of us, it’s not the fear of failure that is holding us back in life, it’s the “go big or go home” mindset that stops us from progressing. The attitude that it has to be all or nothing. In this episode, Tori unpacks the harmful effects of this mindset and offers practical strategies for overcoming it. Read transcripts, learn more about our guests and sponsors, and get more resources at https://financialfeministpodcast.com.  Not sure where to start on your financial journey? Take our FREE money personality quiz! https://herfirst100k.com/quiz Stock Market School: https://treasury.app/herfirst100k/investing-101-workshop  Also mentioned in the episode: How to Travel Ethically on a Budget with Jo Franco Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices