Sherlock & Co. Coming October 10th

Sherlock & Co.

03-10-2023 • 2 mins

YOU MUSTN'T BLAME ME IF YOU DON'T GET ON WITH HIM, Stamford said to me the day I met Sherlock Holmes.  Sherlock bloody Holmes. The guy that would go on to be not just the beginning of this podcast, but also the true beginning of my new life... And it is now that I should probably say the same to you, you mustn't blame me if you don't get on with Sherlock. He is peculiar - by neurotypical standards at least - but he is compelling. Like seemingly every media platform in the world I am asking for one thing; your attention. Just for a half hour a week. Maybe sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less but I'll try and keep it consistent. I know, I know, podcasts should be people in a room chatting. That seems to be the law of the medium.. But if you could find it in your weekly schedule to join me and my companion on these adventures - I can promise you. It won't disappoint. Follow me @DocJWatsonMD or get in touch via email Listener discretion is advised. This podcast is property of Goalhanger Podcasts. Copyright 2023. SHERLOCK AND CO. Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Learn more about your ad choices. Visit