3 - The Illustrious Client - Part Two

Sherlock & Co.

17-10-2023 • 27 mins

THE WOMAN COLLECTOR - My companion and I (mostly my companion) had reached the conclusion that the purpose of the mysterious iPhone planted in the toilets of The Volunteer was to convey a message. An ominous message, from our new client at the very pinnacle of British aristocracy; to us. Baron Gruner, suspected of murdering his wife, had set his sights and released his toxic charms on yet another woman (also with a trust fund the size of Lanzarote I suspect). Only my companion and I were out to stop him... Or so we thought. Follow me @DocJWatsonMD or get in touch via email docjwatsonmd@gmail.com Listener discretion is advised. This podcast is property of Goalhanger Podcasts. Copyright 2023. ------- SHERLOCK AND CO. Based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Paul Waggott as Dr. John Watson Harry Attwell as Sherlock Holmes Marta da Silva as Mariana Ametxazurra Naomi Miller as Kitty Winter John Brannoch as Wiggins Magnus Rook as Baron Gruner Written by Joel Emery Directed by Adam Jarrell Editing and Sound Design by Holy Smokes Audio Produced by Neil Fearn and Jon Gill Executive Producer Tony Pastor Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices