Episode 12 - Jeanne Bokina Christie, Zeta Beta-Wisconsin/Stout

Women We Know

16-06-2023 • 34 mins

Go back in time with Allison and Mallory's guest on today's show, Jeanne Bokina Christie, Zeta Beta - Wisconsin/Stout, as she shares her passion for sharing women's roles during wartime. We start with her own experiences as a Donut Dollie with the Red Cross Supplemental Recreation Activities Overseas program during the Vietnam War.  Jeanne then spent a career as a university professor, first teaching at the University of Richmond before moving to Connecticut, where she taught Communications and Leadership at Post University, Western Connecticut State University and Manhattanville College. She's just published a book, "The Women of City Point, Virginia, 1864-1865" which focuses on the many roles of women in the City Point area during the siege of Petersburg and the end of the Civil War.

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