PORT NOARLUNGA BLUES FESTIVAL Interview with SUEDAN, Sue and Danny Filmer

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19-10-2023 • 21 mins

S4 E1 PORT NOARLUNGA BLUES FESTIVAL, Interview with Sue and Danny Filmer from SUEDAN.

Danny and Sue Filmer join host/creator Di Spillane for Season Four Episode One of the limited series of the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series to discuss their involvement in this year’s Port Noarlunga Blues Festival which runs over 3 days starting on Friday the 24th of November 2023.

Dan and Sue are members of the Port Noarlunga Blues Festival committee and they join me to discuss the planning and their experiences as new members on the committee who have been assigned with the task of scheduling all of the solo and duo acts that will be appearing this year.

Sue and Dan discuss the scheduled events, what they have learned so far in this new role and where you can see the blues and roots duo SUEDAN perform this year during the festival.

The Port Noarlunga Blues Festival launched in November 2017 with performances from over 40 bands and artists, and due to the success of that launch, the Business and Tourism Association special committee, formed an incorporated organisation to develop the festival into an annual event.

Various local businesses including the Port Noarlunga hotel, cafes, restaurants, sporting clubs, and the Port Noarlunga Arts Centre, play host over the three days to a variety of both free and ticketed musical performances from a very impressive lineup of both local and national acts.

On Friday the 24th of November SUEDAN are the opening act at the Port Noarlunga Hotel, this impressive lineup includes a solo performance by Kelly Brouhama, and closing the evening will be the rocking blues band all the way from Bali The UNB’ROCKEN! And You can see them all for Free!

Suedan return to the Port Noarlunga Hotel on Saturday the 25th, where the lineup wil include a total of 8 performance starting with The Youth performances from 10am to 2pm, Frankie and Savva at 5pm, Rob and Beck at 6pm, Steve Eales at 7pm, and Rhyley McGrath at 8pm. And then at 9pm Suedan return along with the 2 acts from the previous evening to follow at 10 and 11pm.

With over 110 performances over the 3 days which includes a mix of ticketed and free events you would be crazy to miss this year's festival. To see a full list of events please go to the Port Noarlunga website where you can alo purchase festival tickets: https://portnoarlungabluesfestival.com.au/firebox/get-ready-2023/

For information about SUEDAN please go to their website:https://suedan.com.au/

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