S3 E8 SNOOKS LA VIE Formerly the frontman of The Deliverymen, The Hiptones, Snooks La Vie & The Reprise, The Fabulous Rumble'ators, currently with Romaldo’s Groove, The Dirty Roots Band, and more

BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series

07-10-2022 • 1 hr 1 min

S3 E8 Snooks La Vie (Paul Wimbles) is a South Australian born blues/soul/country vocalist and harmonica player who first began to play the harmonica after finding a brand new Hohner Marine band harmonica that was underneath a former partners bed. He began to teach himself how to play whilst sitting outside in his Monaro. He first started out playing on the local scene with a punk band called The Enemy, and switched to playing the blues after his work mate Rubes suggested that he give this genre a try. The pair started out playing together at work functions and it wasn't too long before they put together their first band The Deliverymen, who were later to become The Hiptones (after a few lineup changes.) Snooks had always been a fan of Cold Chisel, and after meeting their harmonica player David Blight at a David Blight and The Flyers gig, Snooks had a few lessons with him before deciding to concentrate on the more traditional blues sound that comes from playing by using the tongue blocking technique. Snooks La Vie acquired his moniker from his friend and music/work colleague Papa Rubes which started out as just a bit of fun and stuck amongst his peers for being known as an avid fan of New Orleans musician ‘Snooks Eaglin’. As former front man of The Hiptones, Snooks has enjoyed the success of awards such as a South Australian Music Award for best blues band/act in 1997, signed to a major label SONYBMG in 2006 and an APRA nomination for best ‘blues/roots’ work in 2008. Snooks also took out South Australian Blues Vocalist of the Year for three consecutive years (2008, 2009, and 2010.) The Hiptones recorded their second album "Right Now" at Joe Camilleri's studio Woodstock studios with James Black producing the album. Snooks current bands are Romaldo’s Groove, The Dirty Roots Band, and his new band Snooks La Vie's Blues All Star Revue. He also performs in duos with Nikko (Nick Kipridis) and Snooks, Courtney Robb and Snooks, and J J Fields (Sav Palaktsoglou) and Snooks La Vie.

Music intro "Band It About" theme song, written and recorded by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Outro "Walter's Walk" which was released in February 2017 on the Nikko & Snooks album "Way Back Home". https://snookslavie.bandcamp.com/album/way-back-home-nikko-snooks

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