S3 E6 NATHAN DAWSON Harmonica player for The Sey Boys Blues Band and The Shuffle Shack, former bands include Oz Blues, Vic Bitter Blues, Greasy Gravy, The Customlines, and Rubes and the High Rollers

BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series

16-09-2022 • 18 mins

Nathan Dawson was 17 when he first decided to start learning how to play the harmonica. A couple of his friends had begun to jam together and he wanted to join them, so he dug out the harmonica that he had given to his dad and began to teach himself how to play. Since then, Nathan has performed with many South Australian bands during his musical career including; Oz Blues, Vic Bitters Blues Band, Greasy Gravy, Lara and the Shakers, The Customlines, Rubes and the High Rollers, Nate and Rubes, The Shuffle Shack, The Valcos, House Reckers, and is currently playing the harmonica for The Sexy Boys Blues Band and The Shuffle Shack.

Music: intro "Band It About" theme song, written and recorded for the BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series by Catherine Lambert and Michael Bryant. Outro "My Babe" which was recorded live at the Semaphore Workers Club, performed by The Shuffle Shack. The song is a blues standard that was written by Willie Dixon for Little Walter and was released in 1955 on Checker Records.

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Di Spillane; BAND IT ABOUT - Podcast Series Host/Creator/Editor

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