Indian Festivals At A Glance

26-08-2021 • 5 mins

The birth of Lord Krishna is known as Janmashtami, and it is widely celebrated throughout India. It is one among India's most important celebrations. In Mathura and Vrindavan, where Lord Krishna was born and raised, the festival is widely celebrated.

The celebrations of Janmashtami begin at midnight. Krishna's statues are washed, dressed in gorgeous clothing, and placed in cots.

On this day, people fast and sing devotional songs in honor of Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu's eighth avatar. Baby Krishna statues are washed and set for worship as part of the ritual. One of the festival's attractions is Dahi Handi. This activity leads back to  Krishna's childhood, when he used to play with his companions and steal curds from villagers, as a result, he is also known as "Makhanchor."

During the festival of Janmashtami children dress up like Kanhaiyan or Krishna to take part in school or society competitions. Janmashtami is indeed a festival full of zeal among the Indians.

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