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How to Build an Intimate Relationship That Last a Lifetime
How to Build an Intimate Relationship That Last a Lifetime
On this week episode we talked about How to Build an Intimate Relationship That Last a Lifetime with author, counselor, and a pioneer in the men’s and fatherhood movement Randell Turner, Ph.D. He has authored award-winning resources for National Center for Fathering, National Fatherhood Initiative, Prison Fellowship, and Randell Specializing in healthy masculine intimacy, he has dedicated over 20 years in working with men who feel broken, rejected, isolated, and lonely because of their struggles with “intimacy ignorance.” Dr. Turner says most men think of intimacy as something that leads to having sex. Intimacy is not something that men discuss or are taught. He says intimacy is who they are rather than what they do. He tells us that there are 5 different types and 5 different characteristics of intimacy that are all supposed to work together. Dr. Turner informs us that learning how to be more intimate helps with relationships with your kids, siblings, friends, and others in your circle. It allows people to bond with each other on many levels. His personal and professional experience inspired the creation of Rescuing the Rogue designed to equip men in forging intimate relationships to last a lifetime. His most recent work includes two small group study guides: Transformational Life and Relationship Foundations. We are going to have Dr. Turner back. If you have any questions about intimacy, email them to and we’ll get the answers for you.