One Small Step across a Large Divide

Hold Me Back: Son and Father Change the Conversation

12-12-2022 • 53 mins

How do you change the world? One conversation at a time, according to the CEO of StoryCorps, Sandra Clark. Clark joins Aidan and Ash for an illuminating discussion on how StoryCorps' program, One Small Step (OSS), is trying to bridge the nation's growing divide in an effort to fend off a growing “culture of contempt” in the United States. Clark shares how the program works, the science behind it, whether it’s having the desired impact, and how we can all get involved. Aidan and Ash also discuss how OSS is influencing HMB’s similar mission to bridge the divide by changing the conversation, and how HMB will support OSS in the future. Who was more convincing: Aidan or Ash? Vote at