183: Product Growth Mistakes to Avoid - with Aggelos Mouzakitis

Scale Your SaaS

26-10-2021 • 25 mins


With all the growth possibilities in software, sometimes it can get overwhelming. This is why some SaaS leaders tend to overlook product growth mistakes, which leads to churn. In this episode of SaaS Story in the Making, host Matt Wolach and Growth Sandwich Product Manager Aggelos Mouzakitis discuss the common mistakes in product growth and how you can avoid them, including the six-digit dreaded error. Aggelos dissects the main problem stopping SaaS founders from becoming market leaders and shares helpful tips to overcome these hiccups.


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: Episode No. 183, “Common Product Growth Mistakes & How to Avoid Them”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Aggelos Mouzakitis, Growth Product Manager at Growth Sandwich


  • Avoid a Weak Brand Positioning
  • Dig Deep into Your Customers' Actual Needs
  • Don't Build a Solution for One
  • Create an Opportunity Algorithm


  • Understand the Value of Research
  • Symptoms are Not Problems


Aggelos Mouzakitis

[02:26] “There is only a minority of founders that understand the value of research.”

[06:31] "[Customers] were proposing [solutions] based on their perception of what the solution is... So, should the company build what the customers asked them to build? No. That would be a six-digit mistake."

[12:38] "As soon as we pick the direction, then we set up internal processes to go deeper into the user and pick exactly what we're going to build."

[14:46] "Research is very hard to sell, but as soon as you manage to sell them, then you have one of the highest redemptions I've seen in this job."

Matt Wolach

[04:19] “It's research-based, you've got the evidence, it's data-backed. That's super important just to give them more confidence that the decision you're telling them to make… is super critical.”

[13:27] “I think too many times SaaS founders hear one problem from one person and go off and build it, not realizing that maybe that's just that one person that has that issue.”

[13:46] “All of that is so critical to be able to know, and know at a macro level, to be able to understand how can we develop our products.”

[13:56] “How can you set up your sales funnel and your channels and, and your sales methodologies and processes, all of that stems from really, truly understanding your customer, understanding your market, and what you can do for them.”


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