358: Answer The #1 Question From Homeowners with Mike Goldenstein from Roof Quote Pro

The Roofer Show

15-12-2023 • 58 mins

What is the #1 question from homeowners regarding the roofing industry? “How much is my roof going to cost?” The team at Roofle has developed a powerful price quoting tool called Roof Quote PRO that can enhance your customer service in every way. Times are changing in the roofing industry, and old-school methods don’t work with today’s consumers. Join us to learn more about this cutting-edge technology that is available now!

Dave and John are joined by Mike Goldenstein, the Chief Revenue Officer at Roofle. Mike logged over 30 years in every aspect of the roofing industry before joining Roofle last year. He explains how Roof Quote PRO is changing everything in the customer experience around getting a new roof and why Roofle remains committed to innovation and simplicity in everything they do.

Before they talk with Mike, Dave and John discuss the latest developments in the rebranding of DeLaurier Roofing to Peach State Roofing, along with why rebranding is a BIG deal with many details to consider.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How things are changing rapidly in the roofing industry and requiring a mindset shift from roofing contractors

  • How Roof Quote PRO works like no other tool in the roofing industry

  • How to give the customer a great experience with Roof Quote PRO

  • John’s perspective as a roofing business owner about how Roof Quote PRO solves problems and helps his business in various ways