372: This New Law Will Affect Your Roofing Business Profits with Adam Bensman “The Roof Strategist”

The Roofer Show

22-03-2024 • 1 hr 1 min

A new Department of Labor law went into effect on March 11, and it affects everyone who uses subcontractors of any kind. The law focuses on the 1099 vs. W-2 situation, so your sales reps and production crews could be impacted. Dave and John discuss this topic and more with “The Roof Strategist” in today’s episode.

Before the interview with Adam Bensman, John gives an update from Peach State Roofing about what we can learn about always striving to be better, presenting a solid brand, and why it pays to wear your company apparel EVERYWHERE.

Adam Bensman, aka The Roof Strategist, is a seasoned entrepreneur and recognized expert in the roofing industry. His coaching and consulting approach covers sales, marketing, operations, team building, and financial management. He is the creator of the Roofing Sales Success Formula, which is being used by thousands of roofers in every US state and several foreign countries. He is the author of The Roofing Sales Survivor Guide and is the founder of the Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance (RSRA). RSRA seeks to transform the roofing and solar industry by giving amazing customer experiences and rebuilding integrity in what has been a beleaguered and much-maligned industry. Through his coaching programs, online resources, and speaking engagements, Adam equips professionals to reach their full potential in the roofing business. As a repeat guest on our show, Adam last joined us in 2021 for Episode 205, How To Build Your Sales Dream Team.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • For effective time management, audit your input and measure it against your output.
  • Adam’s mission: to disrupt the roofing industry and bring a new flavor of sales training to give every customer an amazing experience
  • The fact: 77% of homeowners don’t trust contractors and view them as con artists and scammers.
  • The origin of RSRA and the commitment to be different
  • The problems in the roofing industry: a low barrier to entry, unlicensed tradesmen, fraudulent opportunists, a high failure rate, and greed
  • Adam’s perspective on the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act), its impact on independent contractors, and what appears to be efforts to squash out the small company
  • The big deal about the FLSA: “The gray area is gone.”
  • The type of contractors Adam is looking for to join the RSRA: “those who want to outsell, outgrow, and out-compete the rest as we stomp the scum out”
  • The five components of the RSRA pledge–and how it is enforced and policed (You can join today!)
  • An overview of Adam’s sales training, available exclusively to RSRA members


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