375: How To Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Cost with Brad Akers

The Roofer Show

12-04-2024 • 1 hr 8 mins

What is your customer acquisition cost? What it’s costing you to acquire each customer is probably way more than you think! Reduced customer acquisition costs would mean more profitability for your business, which is a win-win for your bottom line. In this episode, Dave and his guest discuss improving your close rate, focusing on better quality leads, and a sure way to get more referrals. Join us to learn more!

Brad Akers from Brad Grows Businesses developed The Built Right program to create scalable systems around sales and marketing for roofers and other home service professionals. His mission is to provide expert consulting and marketing services with a customized growth plan for each client.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Brad’s background story: how he learned business and marketing through a hands-on approach to entrepreneurship
  • The #1 problem for small contractors in getting the right leads: not focusing on quality conversations
  • Understanding a true lead–and what it costs to get a true customer
  • “Developing better sales skills may be solving the wrong problem.”
  • Understanding the “control panel” in your business and which knobs and levers to turn for the desired results
  • A look at ad spend, SEO, Google ads, and where your marketing dollars are really going
  • What is each qualified lead actually costing you? (Hint: Your estimated closing rate is probably WAY off!)
  • Brad explains the concept of compounding.
  • Brad’s process in generating three additional appointments from every job
  • The benefits of compounding are maximized by providing a great customer experience and offering amazing rewards for referral partners.
  • Follow the process!
  • An overview of Brad’s program, The Built Right Contractor, along with group masterminds and one-on-one services


Connect with Brad Akers: Website, The Built Right Contractor, and 832-275-0581

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