368: Our Best Sales Process For 2024 with John DeLaurier

The Roofer Show

23-02-2024 • 1 hr 5 mins

Welcome to another great episode of The Roofer Coach! We have a great topic for you today as Dave and John discuss the best sales process you can use in 2024. This topic comes up often in our mastermind group, and we think a deeper look will be helpful for our listeners. Learn how a better sales process will help you close more deals and increase your profit margins. Join us to learn more!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How a coach will help you implement a better sales process and stay on track to meet your goals
  • What to know about the effort and cost of acquiring a customer (Hint: your customer acquisition cost is probably WAY more than you think it is!)
  • What to know about getting customer reviews and posting content to build your online presence
  • Why you should offer only 1-2 services (You can’t do everything and stand out in the roofing industry.)
  • Why having a great website is the foundation of your sales process
  • How to know what your customer really wants
  • Steps in the best sales process:
  • Make it easy for your prospect to schedule an appointment and get the information they want. (Automation from Roof Quote Pro and Company Cam make it easier!)
  • Do the inspection and have all your pre-qualifications completed ahead of time–before you even go look at their roof.
  • Present the proposal. (John includes “hero” pages, his company story, and information about the customer journey, pricing, options, etc. All of these things help to build trust.)
  • Have follow-up processes set up for every customer, whether they buy now or not.
  • Why you must show differentiators at EVERY step of the sales process to stand out from your competitors


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