362: How to Answer the #2 Question Homeowners Ask with Tim Brown

The Roofer Show

12-01-2024 • 1 hr 15 mins

A recent episode of The Roofer Coach analyzed the #1 question that homeowners ask: “What will my roof cost?” The #2 question that homeowners ask is just as important: “Why do you have a higher price?” There are key factors in that question and answer, and we are breaking it down on today’s show. Join us!

Before our interview, Dave catches up with John DeLaurier and gets the latest developments in his company’s rebranding to Peach State Roofing. John discusses a slow January and the challenges in hiring the right people. Dave and John explain why the keys to hiring are to know your numbers and build a solid brand, along with knowing what you can afford and how much a new hire will cost.

Tim Brown from the Hook Agency teaches people how to optimize their websites. Tim helps build beautiful websites that drive traffic to your websites and get the most SEO for your investment. He is our go-to guy for all things websites, so Tim is the perfect person to help us break down the #2 question that homeowners ask a roofing contractor.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Updates from Tim about his work at the Hook Agency and his busy life at home

  • The value of having a business coach/consultant

  • How Tim answers the question, “Why is your price higher?” about the Hook Agency

  • How to identify your three most differentiated features per your customer reviews by using Tim’s tool at www.hookagency.com/reviews