357: How to Become 5-Mile Famous with Elizabeth Lytle

The Roofer Show

08-12-2023 • 1 hr

Marketing is a common topic on The Roofer Coach for the simple reason that so many roofing contractors are doing it wrong. They hire agencies that don’t produce the desired outcomes, throw money into futile efforts, or simply don’t budget enough for the right kind of marketing. Today’s show covers how to approach marketing to become “5-mile famous.” Join us to learn more!

Elizabeth Lytle is with Contractor Dynamics, the roofing industry’s leading marketing training company. Their marketing training program is exclusively focused on growth-minded roofing companies. They partner with business owners and companies to equip them to take control over their marketing to create predictable growth.

Before our interview with Elizabeth, John DeLaurier gives highlights of his rebranding process at DeLaurier Roofing, including a rundown of all that is involved in this massive endeavor.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why a relationship with an ad agency doesn’t work for roofing contractors: “YOU need to steer that ship!”

  • Why in-house marketing allows for more clarity, transparency, and tracking the numbers

  • How to get started with a marketing program through Contractor Dynamics

  • Why a business owner has to take extreme ownership of their marketing

  • How to identify your ideal client avatar, find out where he/she hangs out, and follow up with your messaging (John explains how he has done this in his rebranding process.)