#356 - Our 100th Episode! Don Was Dead Over 90 Minutes - NDE

Round Trip Death Podcast

20-11-2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

Don Piper was driving home on a cold, rainy January day in Houston when a tractor trailer swerved and hit him head on and he experienced his amazing near death experience.

The 110mph impact demolished his little car and killed him on the spot. During Don's 90 minutes in heaven he saw the gates of heaven which glistened like the inside of an oyster shell. It was so bright it seemed alive.

He experienced music, colors, smells, trees, gold streets, and the thrones of heaven. He met his grandfather, great grandmother and saw untold numbers of others. He heard angels singing and still hears that music in his head. He did not want to come back.

In this episode you will hear about how he came back and the months spent in hospitals as he recovered physically.

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