SEO Tips to Get Your Wedding Business Found on Google with Nina Clapperton

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13-03-2024 • 56 mins

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Today, in our first episode, we're diving into a topic that's crucial for any wedding professional looking to expand their online presence—Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. We're thrilled to have our special guest, Nina Clapperton, a renowned blogger and the genius behind "she knows SEO." Nina transitioned from travel blogging to earning an impressive $30,000 a month passively through SEO and now educates over 3,500 students on replicating her success.

In this episode, titled "7 Easy SEO Tips to Get Your Wedding Website Found on Google with Nina Clapperton," we'll unpack the foundations of SEO and how it can transform your wedding business without the hefty cost of ads. Nina will share her personal journey from zero income to scaling her blog to 65,000 page views in just six months, revealing her strategies and the potential of digital products and affiliate marketing.

For those new to SEO, Nina's lessons will demystify the technicalities and show you how to make your content irresistible to Google. You'll learn practical tips, including knowing your audience, focusing on your niche, and the power of digital PR. We'll also touch on the power of backlinking how reaching 50,000 sessions a month can lead to significant financial benefits, like passive income through ad networks.

From discussions on the importance of dedicated service pages to the value of a cohesive SEO strategy akin to donning the perfect outfit, this episode is packed with actionable advice. Plus, Nina shares resources and offers from her website, including a free SEO blog writing checklist and a special discount code "podcast" for our listeners interested in Wedding Academy courses.

So, whether you're a solopreneur managing your wedding website or a seasoned pro looking to refine your digital marketing skills, this episode is your ultimate guide to getting found on Google. Let's get started and learn how to enhance your online visibility, one keyword at a time.

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