Season 3 BONUS Episode James Roberts III is Chasing his Hoop Dream!

Life's Essential Ingredients

14-01-2024 • 31 mins

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Season 3 BONUS Episode James Roberts III is coming from Vacaville, California (inform, inspire, & transform)

You can find James via Instagram @jamesr_4l

About our guest:  James is a student-athlete and senior starting guard on the 13-5 Vacaville Boys Basketball team.  A few words to describe James: hooper, healer, inspirer, bucket filler, hope dealer, influencer, believer, brother, son, friend, communicator, team player, good dancer, dedicated, hard worker, and someone undefined.

Words his teammates use to describe James – adaptable, passionate, coachable, versatile.

Coach Duane Kaman states, James is a senior guard that is a fearless, blue collar player.  He is dependable, consistent, and coachable.  He leads our defense and provides whatever the team needs on a daily basis while never complaining.  James is a great team player with plenty of skill to play all positions.   We are blessed to have him on the team.

James, thanks for sharing your many talents with your family, your team, your teammates, Vacaville High School, and the greater Vacaville community.   Welcome to the show.

TOTD – “Humility is not thinking less of yourself.  It’s thinking of yourself less.” C.S. Lewis

Build a habit - to create intention - to live your purpose!

In this episode:

Getting to Know James

Text from James mother:

Take your pick:  Warriors or Lakers, 49ers or Raiders, Giants or A’s.

Hamburger or hot dog, Mexican food or Italian, sweet or savory, and finally… best pizza in Vacaville?

What was life like growing up?

What are your life’s essential ingredients?

Something most people might not know about you?

How do you like to spend your free time?

Go to when you are hungry?

Steven Spielberg calls you and says, James, I want to make a SUPERHERO movie about you and want to know who should be cast in your role, what are your superpowers and what do you stand for?





You are on the bus to Reno and the bus breaks down:  who on your team is going to fix it, who on your team is going to cook the food, and who will provide the entertainment?

Any pregame ritual?

Toughest place to play

Best player you ever played against

Biggest difference between James as a soph vs. senior

What do you love most about being on a team?

What ingredients do you bring to your team?

What ingredients could be added to allow your team to play to it’s full potential?

What do you need to play to your full potential.

What does it feel like running out of the locker room in front of a packed house, when the lights turn off and you hear your name in the starting line up?

What actions did you take and do you continue to take to make that happen.

What does the Wood vs. Vacaville game mean?

What do you most appreciate about Coach Kaman?

Future Plans

Plans for the future?

Dental School

College Basketball

Advice for a parent or young person listening?

Last thing you listened to, read, witnessed … that “took your breath away”, made you really stop and think?

Legacy  -  John Alston quote then…When the final buzzer sounds and you realize your hs career is over, what do you want to feel in your heart and what do you want to leave behind.

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