Back to School Best Practices... with Dr. Catherine Clase & Dr. Zain Chagla (St. Joseph's Healthcare) // Back To School

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23-09-2020 • 32 mins

In this episode, our guests are Dr. Catherine Clase and Dr. Zain Chagla.

Dr. Clase is an Associate Professor at McMaster University, a kidney doctor at St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, and a member of the Centre of Excellence in Protective Equipment and Materials at McMaster University. In the early pandemic, she and her group started collecting and summarizing evidence on the filtration properties of cloth masks. A plain-language summary of the findings, along with a collection of information on how to wear and clean cloth masks is available in several languages at

Dr. Chagla is a Tutor in the Master of Science in Global Health program at McMaster University. An M.D. specializing in internal medicine, tropical medicine, and infectious diseases, he is Consultant Physician at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Hamilton Health Sciences, Assistant Professor of Medicine at McMaster University, and adjunct faculty at the University of Namibia in the Department of Medicine.

Dr. Clase and Dr. Chagla talk to us about best practices for staying safe during this back to school season, and ways to avoid increasing the spread of Covid while heading back to class.

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