Accurate Expert Medical Advice... with Dr. Dina Kulik (Kidcrew) // Parenting During COVID-19

Rediscovering Play

02-06-2020 • 34 mins

On this episode, our guest is Dr. Dina Kulik. Dr. Dina is a wife, mother, pediatrician, and emergency medicine doctor. She is the founder and director of Kidcrew and work as an Emergency Medicine Physician at The Hospital for Sick Children.

Constantly astounded with the poor caliber of children’s health information on the web, Dr. Dina decided to share her own accurate medical advice for everyone out there at She loves providing practical and fun health knowledge to parents, teens, as well as kids. You can check her our on Twitter at @DrDinaKulik, on Facebook at @DinaKulikMD, and on Instagram at @drdinakulik.

Dr. Dina speaks to us about the importance of fact-checking all of the medical information floating around online these days with regards to the Coronavirus, and gives us her advice on how best to keep you and your family safe during these challenging times.

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