De-escalating Conflicts In High-Pressure Situations... with Jennifer Kolari (Connected Parenting) // Parenting during COVID-19

Rediscovering Play

26-05-2020 • 46 mins

In this episode, we speak with Jennifer Kolari. One of the nation’s leading parenting experts, Jennifer Kolari is a highly sought-after international speaker and the founder of Connected Parenting. A child and family therapist with a busy practice based in Toronto and San Diego, Kolari is also the author of Connected Parenting: How to Raise A Great Kid and You’re Ruining My Life! (But Not Really) Surviving the Teenage Years with Connected Parenting. Kolari is a frequent guest on Canada AM, CBC, Breakfast Television, CTV News Channel, and Global’s The Morning Show. Her advice can be found in many Canadian and U.S. magazines, such as Today’s Parent, Redbook, Parents Magazine and Canadian Family.

Jennifer returns to continue where our last conversation left off to talk to us about the importance of being "a good frontal lobe" for your children, using the CALM technique to help de-escalate familial conflicts, and the importance of staying connected with your children and the motivations behind many of their behaviours, which are as important to understand now as ever while managing these new shelter-at-home circumstances.

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