How the Coronavirus is Affecting the Way Kids Play... with Kate Cray (The Atlantic) // Parenting During COVID-19

Rediscovering Play

07-05-2020 • 26 mins

In this episode, our guest is Kate Cray. A Yale journalism school graduate, Kate is an Editorial Fellow at the Atlantic, and has contributed to publications such as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Boston Magazine, the Yale Daily News Magazine, the Experiment Publishing, and Bellevue Literary Press.

Kate talks to us about an interesting topic that doesn't seem to have been discussed too often yet, which is how the coronavirus has been affecting the way kids are playing these days. Not only is it fascinating to see kids testing each other for the coronavirus while playing "Doctor", but it's also quite interesting to explore what that might mean about the kids themselves.

Tune in to hear Kate talk to us about this and more!