7. Has FIRE changed since Covid?

Aussie FIRE | Financial Independence Retire Early

01-03-2024 • 41 mins

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You don’t need us to tell you that Covid disrupted a LOT. From the lockdowns, to the obvious health-related dangers, there weren’t many people who were unaffected by its spread. But what has it done for our Financial Independence prospects? For people working towards FIRE before 2020, in what ways did it disrupt their plans? And for those who started after 2021, did Covid change the way new FIRE-seekers need to reach their goals?

In this episode, Dave (Strong Money Australia) and Hayden (co-founder of Pearler) explore the impacts Covid wrought on FIRE – from job losses, to increased house prices, to higher interest rates. They also discuss how the experience changed many people’s lifestyles, which has delivered a flow-on effect to FIRE plans. With this episode, you can understand how Covid may have affected your goals – and how to prepare for future disruptions.

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