Scare You To Sleep Trailer

Scare You To Sleep

18-08-2023 • 50 seconds

Hello and welcome to Scare You To Sleep. Have you ever felt like you needed something a little darker than whale noises or counting sheep to unwind at the end of the day? Maybe you've realized horror itself can be a strange but relaxing escape from reality.  Every week I bring to you a myriad of bone chilling tales. Everything from 19th century dusty tomes, to modern up and coming authors, to truer spooky tales like reddit mysteries and time slips all accompanied by a gentle voice and ambient music and sounds so that you feel immersed and lost in your own personal horror story.  You can find Scare You To Sleep on your favorite podcast app. So, grab some ear buds, a cozy corner, and join me, Shelby Scott, every Thursday and let's get unsettled together. Now, go get some sleep, sweet dreams.. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit